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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am due for my annual pelvic exam...except because of my age and the fact that Kaiser is run by a bunch of cheap ass men, I am to get one every 2 years instead of every year. I will be speaking to my doctor about that.

I had an appointment this morning with a new gyno, who because Kaiser SUCKS is a man. Because all of the female doctors were taken.

[Now I know I'm going to piss people off by saying this but, it's my blog and if you know me you know that I'm not racist. ] This is just my personal preference.

So not only was I pissed that all I could choose from were men but most of the men's names ended with Chang, Kim, and Singh. While I'm aprehensive about a man going down there I'm sure as HELL am not going to send a Singh. I mean GROSS! This would have NEVER happened if they would have just allowed me to pick a female doctor, any race or color would have been fine just as long as it's a SHE!!! So I pick the whitest name I can find and book the apppointment. Also, because Kaiser sucks ASS the appointment is 3 months out. So every once in a while I would be looking through my appointment book and see The Gyno appointment and get pissed off all over again that it wasn't a woman. So, last night I mention to my husband that I have this appointment, and it's a guy, and is he okay with that (not that he wouldn't be). Then I tell him how I've never had a man gyno before and how scared I am.

Fastforward to this morning....I go to the wrong building TWICE. Someone finally gives me the proper directions to the right building and I spent 20 MINUTES trying to find a parking spot! I just gave up and left. So all of that worrying and racial tension for NOTHING.

So now I have rebooked with a Female Gyno at another location for next week. (Who cares what nationality she is.)