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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's almost over

I took my International Business Final last night after reading all four chapters within 24 hours of each other. I got a A, which gives me an A in the class. I also know that I got a B in my Technical Projects class. So that leaves my math class, where the teacher has dissapeared more than once and STILL hasn't graded my midterm. So, I have no idea what to study because the final is cumulative. So I'm very uncomfortable with the situation. I would email her but I don't even know if she's checking email, I would call her but I heard that she's not returning anyone's calls either. Our message board for the class is buzzing with complaints from other students and she hasn't said a thing. I BETTER GET AN A! If I don't, I will have to take a summer class.

On top of all this I feel really funny and I think I'm getting a bladder infection.

Kevin is leaving from work today for Las Vegas, I really wanted to go but I'm pet sitting for someone. So I'll have five days to myself which will include much Star Trek watching and craft room organizing. Perhaps I will ride my bike. ;-)