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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's almost over

I took my International Business Final last night after reading all four chapters within 24 hours of each other. I got a A, which gives me an A in the class. I also know that I got a B in my Technical Projects class. So that leaves my math class, where the teacher has dissapeared more than once and STILL hasn't graded my midterm. So, I have no idea what to study because the final is cumulative. So I'm very uncomfortable with the situation. I would email her but I don't even know if she's checking email, I would call her but I heard that she's not returning anyone's calls either. Our message board for the class is buzzing with complaints from other students and she hasn't said a thing. I BETTER GET AN A! If I don't, I will have to take a summer class.

On top of all this I feel really funny and I think I'm getting a bladder infection.

Kevin is leaving from work today for Las Vegas, I really wanted to go but I'm pet sitting for someone. So I'll have five days to myself which will include much Star Trek watching and craft room organizing. Perhaps I will ride my bike. ;-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi, I'm back

So, I've got a lot to catch everyone up on. If there is anyone still out there...

Thinking back, not much has really happened. ;-) I finally decided that I need to get my butt in gear and start working toward my MBA. I plan on applying to both San Jose State and Santa Clara's MBA programs. I don't think I have a chance in hell of getting into Santa I'm applying because my Dad says I should.

However, one minor problem...I don't have a 3.0. I have something very close to that, but not the 3.0 that is needed to be considered for the SJSU MBA program. So, knowing that, I decided to take some distance learning online classes at my old junior college. I need 2 As and a B to boost my GPA to what I need. This week is finals week and as usual, I'm falling apart. This happened when I was getting my undergrad. I will do awesome through the midterms and then lose it at the finals. I already know that because of the final that I took last night that I will be getting my B in my Managing Technical Projects class. Damn! In one of my classes I have an A...if I do well on my final. The other class, well, I have no idea. You see the teacher disappeared mid quarter. I got behind on my assignments, but have been catching up...she doesn't respond to emails and claimed that she was having internet problems. So I'm not sure if she's going to hold my late assignments against me when she herself isn't actively involved in the class either.

Other than that, I haven’t been doing anything. Work, home, school and sleep. It will all be over on Friday though, the quarter will be over. My next step is to prepare myself for the GMAT. I didn't take it right out of college, like I should have. Once that is taken, I apply. It's so close that I can almost taste it.

Something else that is weird with me is my obsession with Star Trek. I know, weird huh? It's like my favorite series of all time! I started re-watching the entire series of Star Trek: Enterprise. After that, I commandeered our Netflix account and began renting Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm almost finished with the final season, Season 7. I will be sad when I'm done because Kevin wants to cancel the membership as well as our cable to save money :-( BOO! I still have Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager series to watch! What will I do with myself with no TV or no Netflix!!!

The 4th of July holiday weekend is something that I'm really looking forward to. Kevin is going to Las Vegas to help his parents get ready to move. So I will have 5 whole days to myself with no homework.

Oh, I didn't mention this. Kevin's parents live in Las Vegas, they moved there 3 years ago from the Bay Area. Well in the past 6 months Kevin's dad has 2 heart attacks and 3 strokes...maybe more. So they are moving again to Minnesota. I think that they are going to have us move them there, it should be interesting. I could use a road trip.