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Monday, February 20, 2006


Wow, I'm sort of awake. Only one cup of coffee so far.

So this weekend Kevin and I met our friends for a belated birthday dinner at the Sonoma Chicken Coop. If your in the San Jose area you MUST go! I had the Apple Harvest Salad and it took everything to not lick the bowl when I was done. It's a little odd how the whole resturant works, but once you get your food, TRUST ME, you'll love the place.

We got to see Kevin's Goddaughter, Allison. She's getting bigger so quickly. She's already 3 1/2 months old. Here is a photo of Alli in her halloween costume back in October.

Sunday was meant for chores and work...most of which didn't get done. My sister came over and chilled with me for the day. I guess she was just lonely cause we watched a movie, had popcorn, went to Olive Garden, and then she went to the grocery store with me. I feel that I really don't have much to talk about with her though. It's hard becuase now that we're older and the age gap of 4 years doesn't seem as large we are at such different points in our lives that its still hard not to judge how she lives her life or the decisions that she makes. What I mean is, I remember being her. Cute, single and free. Personally, I feel that now more than ever my advice should be important to her. She's done a great job learning from my mistakes, but now I feel that the life she's living is nothing like the life I was living when I was her age. So though I have advice to give, I feel that it wouldn't do her any good.

All I have to offer her is the banal conversation of my marriage, my husband and my work. I don't "party" like she does. I don't go away for last minute romantic trips with my boyfriend. I admit that I did grow up fast. All of my partying was done at 18-21 and the rest was spent making up for the damage that partying did to my GPA. At 23 I was engaged, 26 I was married. Now she's going on 23 and is a cute 140 pounds and a 34C. I'm going on 27, 250+ pounds and a 42DD. I'm by no means comparing myself to her in a bad way, it's just to contrast where her head is at and where mine is.

Where did I get off track. When did the skinny party people leave me behind? And am I really all that upset about it?

President's Day

God I think I'm going to have to start main-lining coffee!

Today I feel like someone gave me a lobotomy while I was sleeping. My brain has left my head and anything that requires an ounce of intelligence is beyond my capability.

Today must be a day where the entire world has off work AND I DON'T!