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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thanksgiving recap

God what an exciting Thanksgiving it was. The hubby and I rolled out of here at 8:00pm on Wednesday night headed to the In-Law's in Las Vegas. The trip there was a long and boring 11 hour drive, in which my husband did not pull over and check us into a hotel but drove all night. We got there at 7am...where I promptly fell asleep in the guest room and woke up at noon.

It was a weekend filled with early nights and bingo....lots of bingo. Oh and knitting. I made 2 scarves and finished a poncho.

The highlight was leaving. The ride home took much longer because we were hauling the trailer that my inlaws gave us. Now if you ever have driven from Cali to Las Vegas or vise/versa you will know that there is a 3 hour stretch where you must drive through the nothingness of the Mojave desert. Now, you would think that you would go to the bathroom before this stretch to avoid any "problems," which I hour into the mind numbing desert drive I started getting some gas, with cramps. Not a problem, it'll go away right? Wrong! Yes, at 2 in the morning that was me in the middle of the Mojave, on the side of the highway, behind a very badly wrapped trailer, crapping in a trashbag held by my husband. So yes, I have left my DNA in the Mojave.

My husband was very proud.