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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

...On the bright side

I'm still sick. I will spare you what happened to me this morning but it involved cramping, chills and passing out.

I was late again today. But after what happened this morning I almost called 911 I was so freaked out. Thank god Kevin wasn't there, because he would have. Anyway, after I came to...I felt totally fine.

I am slightly excited, today is my last day before I go on my vacation to nowhere. You see my company is requiring us to take all of our vacation before the end of Q3. So I'm taking my measly 3 days right before Memorial Day weekend. So I'll be home, doing nothing for 6 whole days. I'm not going on any exotic trips or far away place....just my parent's pool in their back yard. I am determined, I will get a tan!

But you see I actually won't be doing nothing...I will be cleaning and unpacking, getting ready for a stupid BBQ that my husband insisted on having. Not only that, but my inlaws will be arriving Thursday night to add to my stress. As you can see I'm trying to look on the bright side, but I'm very pissed.

We've have three friends that will be coming to the BBQ who have had or will be having a Birthday. So I have to shop for gifts and wrap them, get cards, and order a cake! Like I said I'm trying to be happy about this.

I just have to get life depends on it.