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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Graduate

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Well I'm in Dallas right now for my sister's collage graduation. There she is in the photo...Hot huh?

The flight here was fine but completly packed. I got to sit next to my sister and my lovely Dad sat in first class. Grrrr.

Last night I got drunk with my parents and, never thought that would happen. I stayed with Kelly at her almost empty apartment on the air matress. I got a total of an hour of sleep all night! Then I woke up at 5am (3am Cali time) unable to breathe with the worst sinus headache ever. Thank god for Sudafed.

We've been packing all morning and finally I get to sit down and relax. It's 80 degrees here with 90% humidity. I have already broken out in a heat rash on my arms. Now I remember why I live in California. We're 95% done getting things packed and now we've gotten ready to go out to Mexican. I'm just glad I finally got to take a shower!

Shit Blogger is down for maintinence!!! Its telling me 2-2:45...well it's almost 3 Fuckers!