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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Feeling like shit

When I woke up this morning I knew something was wrong. First of all I woke up later that I usually would like to. The shower that I took made me feel better, but now I just feel yucky. What I thought was just alergies is actually a cold and I'm here at work so I'm not dying. I've taken my generic Rite Aid DayQuil and I'm spraying my grape flavored children's chloraseptic down my throat every 30 minutes. The weird thing is I haven't been sick in about 2 years, so this cold is starting to get annoying.

Kevin is coming home tonight from a business trip in Mason City, Iowa.

Didn't know that it existed, me neither. Go here

It sounds like he had a good time. I really miss him...more than I thought I would. We've been apart for 7 days, which doesn't seem all that long now that I write it down, but it feels like a month. We've been apart for longer periods of time, but I'm usually the one traveling and he's at home.

Ugh, I'm