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Friday, May 20, 2005

2 weeks in a Nutshell

Things are going good. I got back from Dallas on Sunday and Kevin was out of town until late Wednesday night. Dallas was ok. We packed up Kelly's stuff and shipped it all day on Friday. We shipped her car, the Honda, which I'm going to buy. On Saturday were the ceremonies, I cried. Once we had everything moved out we got to stay in the 5 star hotel that my parents were staying in. It was old but very nice. If you can afford it, which I never would, you should go... Every night I would go down to the hotel lobby and drink with my parents.

I caught a cold on Wednesday and woke up feeling like poo. I was home sick on Thursday and should have called in sick today....but I have Day Quil. I pretty much have been totally useless all week...I finally put away the three baskets full of laundry that I washed BEFORE I left to go to Dallas. I washed all of our clothes from our trips yesterday while convalescing and found that 3 of our fish in the big tank had died and were SMELLING UP THE HOUSE. UGH, and until my meds kicked in I couldn't smell it.

Hmm, what else, I went to the bookstore with my sister and got the "Idiot's Guide to the Kama Sutra" You have to check it out, it's very fun!

Sissy got a 2004 525i 4 door BMW for graduation, lucky bitch.

I guess that’s my week. On Saturday Kevin is going to a race that I had planned on going with him, but I’m sick so we’ll see how I feel. Sunday we’re going to celebrate our 1 year anniversary early by going to the SF Zoo and then dinner somewhere.