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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Moving Day

Yesterday night after work I tried to get as much stuff as I could into my car in 2 hours to get to the new house. My parents came by to check the place out. After finding everything wrong with it...they admitted that they liked it. An hour after they left they called me and offered to help me move my kitchen today. I stayed there till midnight putting in shelf paper. When I got back the the apartment I realized that I needed to clean it because my parents were coming over to help me pack!!! ARG, I didn't get to sleep till 2am!

So today I finally got out of bed at 8am and started packing some things. I had to get to the house at 10am to meet the locksmith. Well at 11am he finally showed up, told me that my locks were cheap and that he couldn't key my bottom locks, just the deadbots. He tried to charge me $350 to rekey 4 $20 deadbolts! I still got taken for a ride, I paid $230. I just wanted him to go away. Drama, then Kevin yelled at me for paying too much and tried to get my dad to call them and get my money back. Well when my dad found out how much I payed, he said that I got a deal. SO EAT SHIT KEVIN!

We moved everything in the kitchen today and I'm so tired I could cry. I still have so much to do, I think that I might just bring the inflatable bed to the house tonight and stay there. Grrrrrr