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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The In-Laws are Coming!

A month from tomorrow will be our 1 year wedding anniversary. Which falls on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. I had thought that Kevin and I would go on some fabulous trip to Monterey or something. I put it into Kevin's hands thinking that pretty much anything he planned would be better than nothing (which is what he usually does for me anyway on all special occasions). He has now turned our weekend of lots of sex, fun and magic into going to Monterey for the day to do "whatever" and have dinner AND he wants to have it the weekend BEFORE our actual anniversary so his parents can come and stay with us. They're coming on that Thursday and staying till Monday. 5 days.....Fuck.

We've had them over at the 2 bedroom apartment when we first moved in. When we actually had a guest room. This was before Kevin turned into a model airplane whore and buried us in airplane crap that he "got such a good deal on honey." This was also before he started collecting birds. At one point the extra room was a "bird room" with over 5 parrots and 15 brids total. Because of this we almost didn't make it. We had 15 birds, 3 cats, 3 sugar gliders (I admit those were my fault) and Kevin was working 80 hour work weeks at Petsmart. Oops I got off track...back to complaining about the inlaws.

Our excuse for never having them stay with us has been that we didn't have a guest room. Which we eventually didn't so when they came for the wedding they had to stay in a hotel. Thank GOD! So, now that we're almost moved in and Kevin's parents want to infiltrate my home. We don't even have the guest room set up yet! Now let me just say that Kevin's parents are so sweet and they raised Kevin...who is well, stupidly sweet. They were so nice to let me stay at their house so I could attend the conference that I had in Las Vegas.

BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE TO COME ON OUR ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!!!! WHY WHY WHY WHY!!! You've decided now that you're going to stay with us and if I say anything then I'm a bitch. When I even started to complain Kevin retorts, "Well that's what you get for picking Memorial Day weekend for our wedding." So now it's my fault that your parents are so rude that they invite themselves to stay in our house on our FIRST wedding anniversary.

I mean, fuck, I've worked so hard to train Kevin that wedding anniversaries, birthdays and Valentines Day are IMPORTANT days. And things should be planned for them and gifts should be given. They should be celebrated on the days that they occur on and not in advance....they are not "just days!" Now you've gone and and made us celebrate our very first wedding anniversary in ADVANCE!!! ARG, THE NERVE!