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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

$90 Cash

We almost have all of our things in the house. Other than a few little things and a 55 gallon fish tank....we're good.

Now comes the "fun" part. Switching our address with everyone and creating an account with the water company. We've been actually living in the new house for over a week now just because our landlord is AWESOME! So I've felt really bad that I havn't switched the water over yet. The reason why I didn't do it right away is that I can't do it over the phone. I actually have to go to downtown San Jose and pay a $90 deposit. This morning I FINALLY get Kevin to leave me a check so that I can go on my lunch hour and finally switch the account over. I get there, and pull out my check..."I'm sorry we only accept CASH" ARRRRGGGG!!! Fudck! I get back in my car, and realize that I can go to the bank and withdraw money with my ID. (Long story on why I don't have an ATM...LOOOONG STORY, don't ask) I start digging in my purse and find it NOT THERE! It's in my blazer pocket at home. So, I drive 20 minutes to my house, get my ID, and drive back to the water building in downtown San Jose. The whole way I'm looking for a branch to my bank.....I drove all over hell for about 30 minutes and gave up. There's a 2 hour lunch flushed!

While I'm driving around San Jose I call my husband to discuss our wedding anniversary that falls on Memorial Day weekend. His parents have asked if they can come and stay with us, at the new house, that weekend...including Thursday and Tuesday. So that's 6 fucking days. Holy shit. Why I never thought I would have inlaw problems, I don't know. I mean the fucking gall they have to even ask!!! What horrible people! So of course I get upset, and Kevin thinks I'm over reacting. So then they get us into an argument...and I'm not even talking to him now. :-(