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Thursday, April 28, 2005

2 More Days (not counting today)

I have no idea what time the washer and dryer will arrive on Saturday but I'm starting my countdown anyway. Hopefully this time on Saturday I will be doing laundry. AND, no, I've not gone insane. I've never owned my own washing machine before, and I've lived in a shithole of an apartment complex with a comunal laundry for 3 years. I'm so ready to have one.

In other news, today is my sister's last day of college. I can't belive that my baby sister is out of college! It seems like I JUST graduated...and now I'm going to be watching her walk across the stage and get her diploma. I can't wait to see her, she'll be flying in on Friday night and we'll party all weekend. She starts her new job on Monday at a major tech company here in the valley. Then, in two weeks we'll all fly back to watch her walk and then she'll move here for good. Living at home with the parental units of course.