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Friday, December 03, 2004


I found out today that now there is no interest in the tradeshow we were planning on going to in January. I mean so little interest that no one came the the tradeshow intro and information meeting. NO ONE CAME! I rushed in this morning and threw together a presentation for this meeting and out of 14 people invited 2 came and they were from the same business unit!

So I think that we're not going. Rats, I was hoping to get away to Las Vegas.

But I guess it's ok since I want to take the week off before Christmas...and if we were going I wouldn't be able to take that much time off.

On another note, today is Friday. I have made and canceled two appointments that were to take place after work today. I just don't feel like doing anything on a Friday night! Other than sitting on my ass in front of the TV and knitting!

Last night I went through the wedding photos that I picked out and narrowed it down to a managable #, however, it ended up not being so manageable. I have about 50 more photos than I should. So now, tonight, I have to narrow them down even more. While I was doing that, Kevin, my hubby, decided to rearrange the living room. He took out the shitty TV that doesn't work well and gets no channels and put in the TV that was in our room (the source of our marrital distress).

Monday was Kevin and I's 6-month wedding anniversary. Now you may not think that is worth celebrating, but I do! So, I got Kevin a cute card and we went out to dinner. Kevin got me Yes, a fish...a puffer fish to be exact. It's called a Devil Eyed Puffer, and he's totally cute. I haven't named him yet, but I will some day. :-)