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Thursday, December 02, 2004


OMG this day is lasting forever! I have done a million things today and it's only 4pm! Hurry Up...I wanna go home! I do have a presentation that I have to create before a meeting tomorrow about a trade show that we're going to in January, but why do it now when I can procrastinate!

Today I discovered myYahoo! It's the best thing ever, I totally love it. I can personalize my page however I want with cartoons, bookmarks and everything else. It's awesome! So I set it all up and I can get it anywhere on any computer.

I've joined like 100 web groups on Yahoo for knitting, quilting and scrapbooking...and bookmarked them all on myYahoo page. I have Cathy, Dilbert, and Luann that I see everyday along with the weather for 4 different cities. I can see what is on TV tonight when I get home and what is playing in the local movie theater. I'm in love with Yahoo!

On another note, I still can't get Hello picture thingy to work so I need to fix it before I upload anymore photos. Until then I'll be sending you to my YAHOO photos