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Friday, November 19, 2004


Today was an early day. I needed to be at work at 6am for a photoshoot of our building. This meant that I had to wake up at 4:30! OH THE HUMANITY!!!! But I'm leaving at 3:30-4pm!! AND THAT IS FINAL!

I have a 21 year old sister away at college. She tells me that her boyfriend/booty call is coming to see her from California. Which involves a plane ride for him, and him staying at her apartment. So she tells me this and asks me not to tell our mom. Well I kept the secret for like 2 weeks.

I talk to my mom at least once a week on the phone and see her very often. As I get older I find that I try harder and harder to be friends with her. So I confided in her about my sister's secret..and tell her not to tell sissy that she knows. She laughed it off and was like "I don't understand why she didn't just tell me." Well, about 5 min after I told her I start thinking "WTF, why did I just do that" I just totally screwed over my sis! So I call my sis and tell her what I did. She vows, again, to never tell me anything again! :-(

So please don't tell me a secret, I have a really big mouth apparently.