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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Here comes the bride....again?

OMG, my parents have been on my back to pick out the photos for my album. I mean it's been 6 you think it's time?

So my sister came home for Thanksgiving today and totally started giving me shit about my lack of wedding album. So after going out to dinner and the worst margarita that I have ever had. Sissy and I got down to business. We popped in "Elf" (its a whole lot funnier than you would think) and I started marking photos that I liked. At 11pm I wasn't even done!!!! Aaaaaaaaaand, just about every other photo was marked! Shit! I like them all, what am I going to do! Now I know why if you ask a married woman what she would save from her house in a fire....99% would say their wedding album! You want to know why, because it took her freaking FOREVER to put it together.

Anyway, I'm almost done picking out my favorite photos out of the I have to pick the best out of the favorites and put them in the sizes and order that I want in the album. Freakin Freck! Most of this will be done over my Thanksgiving holiday. I will also spend my holiday scanning in all of the proof photos, filling out Christmas Cards, and printing out some of the scanned proofs to put into the Christmas Cards. What Fun!

Oh, and my parents, have an 18 POUND turkey in their fridge right now!