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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Wake-up Call

So I get 2 wake up calls in the morning 30 min apart. Well, last night at 11pm I called for my wake up calls. I literally had to call 3 times before someone even picked up the phone! So I get my wake up calls, one for 6am and one for alarm goes off at 6am. Well I remember the first one. It's always automated and I hang up in the middle of it. The second one is always a person. Well this morning I guess I slept through the second one cause at 6:40am I have someone knocking at my door....knock, knock, knok hello.....for about 5 min. Well I'm in Detroit and I'm not opening my door to anyone, and I'm still half asleep. 2 seconds later I get another call from the wake-up call lady. She says "Oh good you're awake" "Yes, I am, thank you"

This hotel baffles me. I can't get anyone to answer the phone, my room service takes forever, they lose my packages....but they're with it enough to have someone to come up and knock on my door when I don't answer my wake up call???? Hm, weird.

Last night we went to a resturant in Greek town. I had a gyro sandwich that I'm still trying to get the taste out of my mouth and flaming cheese! They actually light it on fire and put it on the table in flames! It was really really good. 2 Jack and Cokes later I was ready to hit the hay.