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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Program Specialist

So I get this announcement from my VP. It's an organizational announcement about our re-org in the marcom department. It has a little bit of everything about the people I work with and what they will be focusing on. Well when I get to my name, all it says it {My name} Program Specialist.....Huh? That's it. What does that mean? My counterpart in the next cube over has the same title, but it says what she will be focusing on and that she's moving to Japan in January...MOVING TO JAPAN..Wha? I didn't see that one coming. Thank God I don't know a word of Japanese. So basically I found out my title when everyone else did. And, I don't know what I'm going to be doing or focusing on. Just that I'm not moving. Thank God.

On another note. This is the last day of the show. It's been fun, and I've learned so much. Just being in the booth and picking the brains of the sales guys all day is something that I would never get if I wasn't here. Packing up the booth should be interesting. The show ends today at 5pm and then we'll be packing things up till whenever we get tired.