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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Minority Report

Ok so here in Detroit, I am the minority. EVERYONE is black! The hotel workers are black, the taxi drivers are black, the security guards are black, EVEN all the homeless people (and there are a lot of them) ARE BLACK! I have NEVER seen so many at one time in one place before!

I never realized how afraid of black men I was till I was the only white chick on the train! It's really frightening you know. I mean in the Silicon Valley, I may be the minority among Asians. But, shit they're not going ask me to buy and eight ball of coke and shoot me if I say no!!!

There is a running joke here of why things take so long to get done here, it's called "Detroit Time." Basically, things here get done when the people you are asking to help you get around to feeling like it. AND you have to ask them 3-4 times. It's really sad, it's like the people here just don't take pride in what they do. It could really be a nice city, the people here just have different priorites, I guess.