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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Lazy Sunday

Church was nice today. I went alone...again. Oh well. The good thing is that I finally got an announcement bullitin and found that there is a 20-30 somthing bible study at night! I'm so excited about that. I just need to call and find out the details. It's Tuesday nights, so I will post here how I did.

Yesterday Kevin made me clean...My closet is actually clean and I can see the floor! Now I realize that I have way too many clothes and need to sell some of it on ebay and give the rest to charity. I mean if I ever lose weight again I will buy new clothes.

So my Friday was really interesting. I fainted at the eye doctor's office. So it begins with the normal eye exam. I have a horrible blinking reflex, and am really afraid of things touching my eyes. So I get these yellow drops in my eyes, and she does some freaky test where she has to touch my eye with this thing! That took a while to accomplish. She then told me that she saw something funny and would have to dialate my eyes. ARG! I don't own a pair of normal sunglasses, so this would be interesting. So 30 minutes later she calls me back in. She puts on something that looks like a cross between a VR headset and a miner's helmet. This blinding light is shining in my dialated eyes and she's got some sort of eyeglass thingy that she's putting in front of each eye. Look up.Look right. Look left....Look down....again...WTF I realize that I can actually see the back of my eye. I'm in hell!!!!! HELL!!!! I have to do it again with the other eye, I can see tons of veins (picture the inside of an egg with a chick developing...Spidery VEINS) ARGGG... I'm starting to get hot and quietly hypervenalating. She then ends the exam from hell and pulls out a drawing of a cross section of an eye. She explains a problem that is developing with my eye....TOTAL BLACKNESS. I wake up, the nurse is knocking on the door and asking me if I was ok. I'm shaking. So I passed out.

So apparently I have something called Lattice. This is a thinning of the retina. It's on the front top and bottom of both of my eyes. It's not going to effect my vision unless the thinning gets so bad that my retina tears....oh party on! So I know what to look for if this were to happen, then I should be rushed to the hospital to have it repaired or else I will go blind. How wonderful. Right now I can't think about it with out feeling sick to my stomach.