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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Program Specialist

So I get this announcement from my VP. It's an organizational announcement about our re-org in the marcom department. It has a little bit of everything about the people I work with and what they will be focusing on. Well when I get to my name, all it says it {My name} Program Specialist.....Huh? That's it. What does that mean? My counterpart in the next cube over has the same title, but it says what she will be focusing on and that she's moving to Japan in January...MOVING TO JAPAN..Wha? I didn't see that one coming. Thank God I don't know a word of Japanese. So basically I found out my title when everyone else did. And, I don't know what I'm going to be doing or focusing on. Just that I'm not moving. Thank God.

On another note. This is the last day of the show. It's been fun, and I've learned so much. Just being in the booth and picking the brains of the sales guys all day is something that I would never get if I wasn't here. Packing up the booth should be interesting. The show ends today at 5pm and then we'll be packing things up till whenever we get tired.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Minority Report

Ok so here in Detroit, I am the minority. EVERYONE is black! The hotel workers are black, the taxi drivers are black, the security guards are black, EVEN all the homeless people (and there are a lot of them) ARE BLACK! I have NEVER seen so many at one time in one place before!

I never realized how afraid of black men I was till I was the only white chick on the train! It's really frightening you know. I mean in the Silicon Valley, I may be the minority among Asians. But, shit they're not going ask me to buy and eight ball of coke and shoot me if I say no!!!

There is a running joke here of why things take so long to get done here, it's called "Detroit Time." Basically, things here get done when the people you are asking to help you get around to feeling like it. AND you have to ask them 3-4 times. It's really sad, it's like the people here just don't take pride in what they do. It could really be a nice city, the people here just have different priorites, I guess.

Wake-up Call

So I get 2 wake up calls in the morning 30 min apart. Well, last night at 11pm I called for my wake up calls. I literally had to call 3 times before someone even picked up the phone! So I get my wake up calls, one for 6am and one for alarm goes off at 6am. Well I remember the first one. It's always automated and I hang up in the middle of it. The second one is always a person. Well this morning I guess I slept through the second one cause at 6:40am I have someone knocking at my door....knock, knock, knok hello.....for about 5 min. Well I'm in Detroit and I'm not opening my door to anyone, and I'm still half asleep. 2 seconds later I get another call from the wake-up call lady. She says "Oh good you're awake" "Yes, I am, thank you"

This hotel baffles me. I can't get anyone to answer the phone, my room service takes forever, they lose my packages....but they're with it enough to have someone to come up and knock on my door when I don't answer my wake up call???? Hm, weird.

Last night we went to a resturant in Greek town. I had a gyro sandwich that I'm still trying to get the taste out of my mouth and flaming cheese! They actually light it on fire and put it on the table in flames! It was really really good. 2 Jack and Cokes later I was ready to hit the hay.

Monday, October 18, 2004

My Hotel's ok Posted by Hello

Windsor, Canada...right across the river Posted by Hello

Cobo Center, where the trade show is Posted by Hello

The view from my room Posted by Hello

I'm on my way to detroit!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Same old...Same old

So I havn't written in a few days...well more like 4. Sorry. I've been busy. This week has been flying by and work is really really busy. Before I know it, it's 2pm and I forgot to eat lunch and I have a 3 hour meeting at 2pm. So, today I had a bagel, a coffee, 2 diet cokes, a peice of old pizza left over from a lunch meeting, a snickers bar, and a bag of M&Ms. Well shit, I was going to complain that wasn't anything...but acutally, now that I listed everything out, I'm a PIG! AND I was still starving after work. Hell, I had dinner 2 hours ago and I'm STILL starving.

So I have to say that I have allowed one of my co-workers to read this blog. Hi John! Therefore I feel that I can't write about work, at least not yet. You see, he's moving on to bigger and better things with another company. So by the end of October its open season on complaining on work! Sorry John you're just going to have to wait. ;-) Now throw me a peice of gum!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Nelson helping Daddy Posted by Hello

Nelson and Turtle Posted by Hello

Look I have a floor! Posted by Hello

Lazy Sunday

Church was nice today. I went alone...again. Oh well. The good thing is that I finally got an announcement bullitin and found that there is a 20-30 somthing bible study at night! I'm so excited about that. I just need to call and find out the details. It's Tuesday nights, so I will post here how I did.

Yesterday Kevin made me clean...My closet is actually clean and I can see the floor! Now I realize that I have way too many clothes and need to sell some of it on ebay and give the rest to charity. I mean if I ever lose weight again I will buy new clothes.

So my Friday was really interesting. I fainted at the eye doctor's office. So it begins with the normal eye exam. I have a horrible blinking reflex, and am really afraid of things touching my eyes. So I get these yellow drops in my eyes, and she does some freaky test where she has to touch my eye with this thing! That took a while to accomplish. She then told me that she saw something funny and would have to dialate my eyes. ARG! I don't own a pair of normal sunglasses, so this would be interesting. So 30 minutes later she calls me back in. She puts on something that looks like a cross between a VR headset and a miner's helmet. This blinding light is shining in my dialated eyes and she's got some sort of eyeglass thingy that she's putting in front of each eye. Look up.Look right. Look left....Look down....again...WTF I realize that I can actually see the back of my eye. I'm in hell!!!!! HELL!!!! I have to do it again with the other eye, I can see tons of veins (picture the inside of an egg with a chick developing...Spidery VEINS) ARGGG... I'm starting to get hot and quietly hypervenalating. She then ends the exam from hell and pulls out a drawing of a cross section of an eye. She explains a problem that is developing with my eye....TOTAL BLACKNESS. I wake up, the nurse is knocking on the door and asking me if I was ok. I'm shaking. So I passed out.

So apparently I have something called Lattice. This is a thinning of the retina. It's on the front top and bottom of both of my eyes. It's not going to effect my vision unless the thinning gets so bad that my retina tears....oh party on! So I know what to look for if this were to happen, then I should be rushed to the hospital to have it repaired or else I will go blind. How wonderful. Right now I can't think about it with out feeling sick to my stomach.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

When I die, I wanna come back as some rich lady's dog Posted by Hello