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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sleep, What's that?

It's 1:45am

I just finished a presentation that I had promised my boss by the end of the, if I don't go to sleep until I finish it....technically, the day hasn't ended? Right?

This is the sixth day in a row that I havn't gone to sleep before 2 am....what the heck is wrong with me? I'm practically falling asleep at work if I'm not busy for one second, but when I get home it's insanity. I'm wide awake and there is nothing that can calm my mind. It's not like I'm worried about anything huge. Just excited about my new position at work, but really...that's no reason to deprive myself of just the thing I need the most. I think this all started when I was given the ability to log in to my work network from home. Then when my computer died that was dedicated to work only, they gave me a life was over after that. It's not that I don't willingly log on just to check to see if someone emailed me while I was driving's just the fact that it's now 1:50am and I have a reason to email my boss. It's not like she would really be in awe of the fact that the rest of the sane people are sleeping....she emails me at (GASP!) 5am. Who in the heck is awake that early...well I will be if I don't go to bed soon. ;-)

I'm crazy you know (Muha ha ha)