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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bachelorette's Weekend

Well not really, Kevin is out of town this weekend. Since I have no friends right now it's going to be a wild and crazy couple of days. My parents are in China so I'm pet-sitting my little brother "Teddie" (well I guess in dog years he's older than me now). I'm also pet-sitting a very old, annoying, spoiled American Eskamo named "Matthew Blanc" (Ugh) . I'm also going to try to clean the house like it should be....

"My thoughts on how the house should be cleaned"

My husband and I have two totally different ideas on how the apartment should be cleaned. He tidys the house...organizing and putting away the mess were it should go. By saying the mess, I mean his mess. My mess he piles in my vanity/bathroom area and closet thus creating a monster sized mess for me to push to the side and trip over.

My idea of cleaning the house is totally different and way more sanitary. I collect all of the dirty laundry, strip the bead and put it aside. (Hopefully I'm housesitting and don't have to spend $20 to do my laundry.) I will then later load 4 huge 20 lb baskets into my SUV, drive to house-sitting, lug the 4 baskets with detergent into house-sitting, and spend all day doing 8+ loads of laundry. Then I will do the dishes. Most of the time Kevin has left me a load of clean dishes to unload before I can even start. I wipe down the counter and cabinets with that antibacteral stuff...and wipe the bathroom counters and sink down too. I will then either beat out the rugs in the bathrooms and kitchen, or wash them depending on how dirty they are, and then mop the floors. (I don't reccomend pinesol! Unless you like your house smelling like a fast food resturant bathroom, believe me you don't...I learned the hard way.) I dust all surfaces and photos in the living room. The bird cage gets fresh paper in the bottom and the whole room gets vaccumed. Toilets get cleaned. Which is DISGUSTING! Kevin refuses to clean his toilet! His is the worst! Can you tell it's a problem between us...too many exlamation marks!!!! The hallway, bedroom, office, my vanity/bathroom area get all counters get wiped off, both cat litter pans get cleaned and all rooms get vaccumed. And Kevin wonders why I get all bitchy when he tells me it's my turn to clean the house. I basically do all of the deep cleaning. Why on earth can I not just be happy with tidying the house? Why must I stoop to cleaning the shower while I'm washing my hair because that way you can wipe down the entire door!!!!

Anyway, that's my drama this weekend. I think I feel like posting some photos. :-)