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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Today I wore a really cute top with cap armpit hair is so long I can braid it!

Anyone got a razor?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


God she has gotten so big! I barely see her and now she's sitting up on her own, IN THE TUB!!! What a big girl!


I am due for my annual pelvic exam...except because of my age and the fact that Kaiser is run by a bunch of cheap ass men, I am to get one every 2 years instead of every year. I will be speaking to my doctor about that.

I had an appointment this morning with a new gyno, who because Kaiser SUCKS is a man. Because all of the female doctors were taken.

[Now I know I'm going to piss people off by saying this but, it's my blog and if you know me you know that I'm not racist. ] This is just my personal preference.

So not only was I pissed that all I could choose from were men but most of the men's names ended with Chang, Kim, and Singh. While I'm aprehensive about a man going down there I'm sure as HELL am not going to send a Singh. I mean GROSS! This would have NEVER happened if they would have just allowed me to pick a female doctor, any race or color would have been fine just as long as it's a SHE!!! So I pick the whitest name I can find and book the apppointment. Also, because Kaiser sucks ASS the appointment is 3 months out. So every once in a while I would be looking through my appointment book and see The Gyno appointment and get pissed off all over again that it wasn't a woman. So, last night I mention to my husband that I have this appointment, and it's a guy, and is he okay with that (not that he wouldn't be). Then I tell him how I've never had a man gyno before and how scared I am.

Fastforward to this morning....I go to the wrong building TWICE. Someone finally gives me the proper directions to the right building and I spent 20 MINUTES trying to find a parking spot! I just gave up and left. So all of that worrying and racial tension for NOTHING.

So now I have rebooked with a Female Gyno at another location for next week. (Who cares what nationality she is.)

Project Runway

I can't wait!!! The first show is tomorrow!

For the past 2 weeks I have been preparing myself for the wonderfulness that is PROJECT RUNWAY! I have marked EVERY calander that I own with the event and time. I have even tried to find a PW friend to have a PW party with me every week. My one crazy friend turned me down flat. What the fuck does she know, she's a nut bag! I even tried to get my sister to get together with me, which she would have, but because the show is on at 10pm on a Wednesday she would have had to drag her lazy ass home (all of a 15 minute trip) after our party. I mean the chick parties for 3 days in a row on 2 hours of sleep, what a pussy. Obviously SHE'S not a PW fan.

Nothing much has been happening lately, but I've begun my GMAT prep, which is going to be a bitch. I think that I might take the test the end of August or beginning of September since the application deadline is in October.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ring a Ding Ding

The teacher, she called me back! Whew!

I got the 2 As and 1 B that I needed to boost my GPA to the 3.0 that I need to be considered for San Jose State. I will of course recalculate my GPA tonight to make double sure that I'm right.

NEXT STEP: Take the GMAT. (I have to study for it first, so maybe that is the next step)


I'm so done with stupid people. I'm done with the teacher that REFUSES to answer any of my emails or calls. I'm done with my asshole boss who automatically assumes everything is my fault!